Friday, March 25, 2011

HE speaks...

As I study God’s Word today, I’m confronted with my doubts...”He doesn’t really love me...He’s looking at all my short comings and He says, “throw this one back””...I know these are lies and I determine to ignore set my face on trust and believe despite how I feel...but I still feel and I wonder.... “does HE love me? truly? Will HE help me? really?” I want to scream at them to “shut-up!” How can I ask for forgiveness for my doubt and in the same breath-thought doubt more?

Silently...don’t even say it in Your mind...the heart mumbles, “speak to me LORD, please show me that You are there.”

And, I go about my day, check email...a new devotion from Skip...about love...about love? Yes, about how the LORD asked Peter if he loved HIM.

I hear the LORD whispering in my ear...I LOVE You...yes, you! I love you with a divine, fervent, intense, unswerving love! Okay, LORD, thanks for the reminder...was that really You speaking to me. Again with the doubt? Please forgive me LORD.

And, I go about my day, check email...a new devotion from Our Daily Bread...about Peter’s failure and the LORD’s Father God is squeezing me tight in HIS arms and whispering, “I love you Teresa. I truly do. I truly, truly do. I hear you, I see you and I love you so much.”

God moments. How thankful I am that HE knows me, HE understands and HE walks this walk called life with me, supplying and sustaining me every minute of every day. I trust HIM more and more every day.

I hope you have God moments every day!

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