Monday, September 28, 2009

Do What He Says...

What do you do
the love you give
returns unreceived
the smile that you share
met with spit and despair
your heart
an open book
thrown to the dirt
trampled on purpose underfoot
bring your friends
your relatives
stomp on it
smash it
grind it into the dirt
share in the fun
what do you do
when you don't want to write
but you just want to hide
and you hide and you hide
anything but write
but the words are inside
piling up until they're all that you hear
the damn
will it hold
the words push and they whisper
scream and they cry
with tears wailing
let me out
what good will it do
how can it help
just do as He says
write, write...

Monday, September 21, 2009


I love the fall! The temps cool down, and it's back to school. There's just something about it that gives you a renewed sense of purpose.
We spent the weekend in Red River New Mexico for Aspencade. It was a three day show and it was a little cold each day, but no significant rain. Until the last day when it poured down rain. Thank God for Monica and Gil who came into town for the last day and helped us pack things up. If they hadn't been there, we would have probably lost the tent in the wind and gotten completely soaked!
We were next to Gypsy River Riches, John and Kishna are silk artwear artists. It's kind of like tie-dye and very colorful. They were a sweet couple and we hope to see them again. We traded some glass art for some silk art at the end of the show. We got a sweet little dress for Amara in her favorite color, orange.
It would have been fun to have Christina and Amara at the show as there was lots for them to do. A play ground near by, a climbing wall, a petting zoo and a small choo-choo train for the kids to ride. There was music all weekend, and that made it so festive!
Thanks God for a fun weekend and safe trip.
Yay Fall! BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) started last week and it really is fun for me to be involved with a group of ladies seeking to know God better and discover His will for our lives and pray for each other.

Friday, September 4, 2009


have you felt the pain of a broken heart
do you hear the cry from my broken heart
all the pieces are shattered and tumbled all over the floor
shall i sweep them into a dirty heap in the corner
or fling them out the door to be caught by the wind
who needs this heart that breaks and bleeds
sweep the pieces away, be gone, be gone
i dont want this pain, take it, take it
but the pieces fly back in my face, wail, wail
the pain surrounds me, suffocates me, i cant breath
better that way, since the pain wont go, i will, i will

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Angel Fire New Mexico this Saturday

I'm excited to travel to Angel Fire again this weekend. It is such a beautiful place. Although I think every part of New Mexico is beautiful. I will be participating in the Art About Town Show that is happening on Saturday, September 5. If you are in the area, please stop by my booth. I'll be right next door to the Chamber of Commerce in the El Centro Plaza.

If you are looking for wine stoppers, I have a whole new collection, created fresh this summer with lots of bright colors and organic textures. Plus I'll have my jewelry and plenty of beads, beads, beads!

We won't be taking the camper on this trip. It needs a couple of repairs before it goes on the road again. The fridge and the potty are not working correctly. Since it's just a one-day show, we'll drive up late Friday and stay somewhere in town and then come home on Saturday night--God willing.

Yesterday I was blessed with a little home-school field trip in my glass studio. It was great fun sharing my passion for beads and glass with the kids and I got to help them create a bookmark and a necklace with some of my glass beads! Thank you Denise Ebel and kids for making my day!

I hope you have enjoyed your summer and that it hasn't flown by to quickly for you.