Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Choosing Contentment

This week I signed up for the Contentment Challenge. This should be a piece of cake! However, I had a difficult time, I couldn't even make it through one day. LOL! I discovered the grimy state of my heart. I was determined not to grumble and complain to anyone, not even myself or God. Then my plate was heaped with a pile of things--easy fodder to complain about! I tried my best to keep it to myself, but it kept leaking out.

Praise God, there was change though: 1) I became aware of this ugly habit that I have, 2) I asked for forgiveness and relied on God's mercies that are new every morning. 3) I am daily begging Him to change--and He is.

An interesting thing happened...although I still grumbled in the moment (in my heart and sometimes to my husband), God removed the details from my memory so it was impossible for me to grumble today about what happened yesterday! Or is that old age? No, I'm not that's a God thing. And so I'm thankful for my selective memory and that HE is merciful to me. I pledge to make this a life-long challenge!

Today I read the challenger's post on how she did and discovered that I am not alone in my discoveries. Will you join us as we continue to cultivate a thankful heart?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The LORD's voice

Do you ever ask, "are You there God?", "Can You see me?", "Can You please tell me what to do?"

I ask these questions on a regular basis. I'm like the poster child of neediness--constantly asking, "Do You love me? No really, do You love me? How about now? And now? Still? Do You love me?" and sometimes, "Why do You love me? How can You love me?"

This morning, despite the fact that I skipped my prayers, the LORD spoke to me through this blog post, and this devotion--Discerning the Call of God.

God is good and I will always praise Him!!!