Monday, May 3, 2010

some thoughts from my heart today...

The enemy knows that he needs to come in and destroy us when we are kids so that we won’t trust and we will have a hard time in relationships as we get older, thus separating ourselves from others because relationships are hard. We are alone in a world full of people and we are afraid to reach out to each other. What will they think of me? What will they want from me? What will they need of me? I don’t have enough strength in me for me, how can I give any of myself away to others? What will *they* think of me if I really put myself out there?

We need to let go of the fear and love each other. This saying is so over used--"what would Jesus do?"

But seriously, How would Jesus love? If He saw a lonely, a sad, a hurting heart would He turn away? Or, would He reach out and connect and share His great love with them despite the consequences, despite their *worthiness.*

Let's love as Jesus much that He gave of Himself to death to love us and save us.....I want to be known for my great love....what about YOU?