Monday, March 21, 2011

If You Know Wayne....

like I know Wayne, then you know that out of all the "honeydoo" items, he really despises anything plumbling related. Before he even starts--when the idea is just a small seed, he begins to mumble, "I don't have any idea what I'm doing."

So, wasn't I surprised last year when he called to tell me someone had dumped a perfectly good cast iron sink in his dumpster at work (yes, we are a dumpster-diving, trash-picking family LOL!). I asked him "are you sure?" I'm thinking, "he knows he's going to have to install this sink--right?"

He says he's sure and brings home the sink. It gets placed in the yard....and sits there....for six long months and sits there. Now it's full of dirt and de-composing leaves. In fact, if he ever does install it, I'm not sure I will be able to get the stains out. :o(

Then, this weekend he does it! He started on Saturday and lost steam mid-day and I thought he wouldn't actually do it. But he did. He started by installing a new facet in the girl's bathroom (it was leaking). Then he got started on the kitchen sink. I think the reason he hates it (other than knowing nothing about plumbing) is that it is never straight forward. So the first roadblock was that the hole in the counter was a little too small. After a trip to the shop to get his router and a stop at the hardware store for a piece we didn't know we needed...and a large sawdust/glue mess all over the kitchen...the hole is now big enough and we hoist and heave it into place.

The next roadblock is the drains now don't match the pipes. He gathers all of his spare parts and tries to get something to work...alas, another trip to the hardware store where we try to find a piece that is 15" long, but all we can find is 14" long. :o) suddenly I see a kit that looks like it will work if we change the connection where the dishwasher comes in. At first he says no, but then his eyes light up and he says yes, you're right. "Yes, You're right!" He said that several times, he was so happy. (I love it when he says that.)

With our purchase in hand, we head back home and he installs it. Then we test it...several leaks and several hours later, the leaks are stopped up and everything is working perfectly! And my new sink is so beautiful! And it is cast iron, so there won't be any holes in it (the last one was fiberglass and had several holes in the sides). And, a little bleach and it's a pretty sparkly white!

So, when you see Wayne, give him a high-five. He gave up a weekend for one of his most-hated jobs, and he did it all because he loves me!


Ebony S said...

That is awesome! What a neat little story, and your NEW sink is beautiful :D

Kelley Pounds said...

All right, Wayne! I thought I was the only person who had unused sinks and other unsightly objects in my yard waiting for their time to be useful. LOL

Looks beautiful! :D Monty hates plumbing too, but he's had to do so much of it, and it is a handy skill. He worked for my brother-in-law, who is now *the* state propane inspector, but who was a gas, sewer, water plumber when Monty and I got married. So he's stuck with it and even still does it occasionally for other people, poor guy. LOL

Another great thing to clean sinks with, if you can find it, is a product called "Barkeeper's Friend." Now that I mention it, I'm almost out. ;)