Tuesday, July 28, 2009

God is so good

We had a wonderful time at the High Country Arts and Crafts festival this past weekend in Eagle Nest New Mexico. Despite the monsoons, we had great crowds of friendly, art-loving people. Thank you to all of the people who stopped by our booth. A special big thank you to all the folks we met last year and the year before who stopped by to see how we were doing and to support my glass art. I appreciate you all!

Amara and Christina went with us too and I think they had a pretty good time. It was their first trip with us to an art show. We were busy with the show and so didn't get to do too many things with them, but they walked around enjoying the cool, mountain air, eating ice creams and snow cones. In the evenings we BBQ'd and went for walks. Amara met lots of new people and even got a penny squished/stamped at the medalion and chain-maile booth (I know, my spelling is horrid!).

My new design of rings and pendants went over very well and most of the wine stoppers sold. So, today I get to go back in the studio to create new things for the McCall Idaho show in August. God is so good!

Thank You God for...
  • keeping us safe on our trip there and our trip home...both in the beautiful rain with gorgeous New Mexico scenery!
  • a profitable show
  • Your peace
  • Your provision
  • The mountains and the pines...my favorite scenery
  • Mom and the work You are doing in her life
  • Christina and Amara
  • our truck and camper that are still going strong -- thanks for holding all the old parts together and working right
  • Sam and his belief in me
  • Christian sisters (and brothers) who care and pray
  • Mike
  • Your great love for me
  • Your word to guide and encourage me
  • Wayne
  • Nancy
  • air conditioning and hot showers!

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