Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today's devo was about doing whatever job you do with excellence, to the very best of my ability. With the bumps and scrapes of life sometimes I drift into auto pilot in order to numb the pain. That is a dangerous place to be. The Bible tells us to be ever watchful and mindful because we have an enemy who seeks to rip us to shreds.
Today I trust in the Lord because He cares for me and will always love me. I cry out to Him in the morning and He hears and provides. God is so good to me--grace and mercy in abundance, never-ceasing.
Thank You Lord for...
  • Your love and mercy to me
  • Mom's surgery went very well and the mass removed from her abdomen was not malignant
  • Wayne's oral surgery went well, and he now has a healthy mouth again
  • Lenya's recovery from surgery and that the cancer is stage 1 not 3 - looking forward to a full recovery and the blessings that come even in the pain
  • A sweet swim day and fellowship with Christina and Amara
  • Your great provision to us; physically, emotionally and financially
  • Morning quiet times to hang out with You and sing to You
  • My glass art
  • All the rain we got last night
  • Christian friends who support and lift in prayer
  • Good sales at the Tiguex park show
  • A good credit score
  • The vehicles all work
  • Your provision for Christina and Amara
  • The Dow sisters, mom, grandma and aunt who pray and care for Christina and Amara
  • Jesus and for You caring enough to send Him

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