Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Dance!

Yesterday I went to the late service at church (mostly because we stayed up late for Spring's birthday party on Saturday night). I'm so glad that I went to the late service.
I saw Ben and his mom and dad and his sister. Yay! This was just another encouragement in a pretty steady stream of encouragements for me from God regarding Mike.
1st - I never go to the 11:15 service neither do they; on Sundays they usually attend Desert Springs
2nd - rarely am I late (caused me to sit closer than I normally do, I didn't notice them until I was halfway into the isle; there they were sitting right behind me)
Thanks God!! Seeing Ben was almost as good as seeing Mike. I hugged him and just balled like a baby.
My thankful list for today -- thanks God for:
  • Ben and his renewed commitment to the Lord (he didn't say so, but I could see it in him)
  • My slow summer schedule
  • The shows I got into
  • providing for all my needs
  • never giving up on me
  • loving me all my life
  • Mike, Amara and Christina
  • praying, Christian friends
  • Austin got to go to Idaho and hang out with his Grandpa and new grandma Jo
  • the financial wake up call
  • vehicles, electronics, air conditioners and plumbing that works
  • this feeling of unease that tells me "get busy" "hang on to ME"

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