Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Multitude Monday on Thankful Tuesday :o)

30. a warm house on a cold morning
31. all my family still tucked safely in bed
32. a new day ahead of me with adventures and joy to be discovered
33. my Savior Jesus, who is my best friend and constant companion
34. our new camper
35. a whole new batch of cabochons just waiting for the return of a kiln door
36. Skip
37. Sam
38. Deborah
39. brothers
40. the hope of spring
41. a window into the lives of people who make me happy
42. the hope of lost ones returning
43. Wayne's uncrookedness
44. My unstiffness
45. Safe in the shelter of God's hands
46. rice puffs
47. Amara's smile
48. God's goodness
49. Mercy

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