Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Information about my life...

My life is a series of get this done--what's next--check--squeeze this in--rest--now what, etc, etc.

I have regularly scheduled schedules interrupted by my life :o)

Today is Tuesday and I do a Bible study with the girls in detention every Tuesday evening. Tonight we read the book of Jonah and discussed how loving and gracious God was with Jonah and with the people of Nineveh. This volunteer work is coordinated through LifeQuest.

I got to spend an hour in the studio this morning working on some large beads for my friend Kristi in Colorado who wants to make her beautiful lantern necklaces with them. I'm actually listening to the music on her blog site right now. Check it out--both her music tastes and her jewelry.

Then I took my friend Leslie McNertney for a pedicure, lunch and a movie. We saw the remake of True Grit. It was a good movie and our burgers at Johnny Rockets were delicious! It's been too long since we've done that. I will be taking her for a pedicure on the 3rd Tuesday of every month; I look forward to catching up on a regular basis.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I always have BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) Amara and I both go--get out of the house around 8:30am. BSF keeps me busy most days as there is about an hours worth of homework each day. I know some of you may be cringing now and asking why I would voluntarily subject myself to that much work. All I can say is I want to know God, to truly know him as much as any human can. It's in His Word that I find his character. He is more amazing than I ever thought or than anyone has told me. It's in BSF that I've gained the discipline to really study and dig for the truths found in the Bible. After BSF Amara and I usually grab some lunch and some play time in a city park. Wednesday nights we go to church for mid-week service at my church Amara and her mom, Christina and I.

Thursdays are a special day. I get to fast and pray for my prodigal son and the prodigal children and grandchildren of many special friends and family. I try to keep this day open and will often spend it in my studio alone with my art and my conversations with God--discussing all the people I care so much for.

Nothing scheduled on Fridays usually. It's a good day to work in the studio and catch up on housework. The last Friday of the month we hold a church service for the girls in detention.

Saturdays usually belong to my honey, Wayne. However, this Saturday and next I'm teaching classes for the Bead Society of New Mexico. I usually attend church on Saturday night because...

on Sunday morning I visit Brittany, the girl in detention that I'm mentoring--if you are inclined to pray for her, she has a parole hearing the 27th. She's been locked up for 2 years and is excited to go home to her family. She's changed a lot in those 2 years--I've know her for 1 and have seen her grow in her faith and humility. Please pray that she would do good on the "outs." Sunday afternoons are dinner with the family and hanging out at home.

Mondays are often open and spent in the studio and hanging out with my granddaughter, Amara. Except the 4th Monday of the month, I have the Bead Society monthly meeting. Did I mention that I am the President of the Bead Society this year?

Whew...lots of things going on each day...in between all that I spend time with my sweet husband--Wayne, fit in some time with friends, and create art--hopefully for sale!

There's just a little peek into my hectic life! On another day I'll tell you about all the cool people in my life....ttfn

By doing this rambling list of my schedule. I can see why I'm feeling so busy, but there is nothing I want to cut out! Better time management, that's what I need.

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Ebony S said...

Love the sound of your days! No idle hands for you! Congrats on being President of your Bead Society! I know you can bring new things to your group!