Saturday, January 23, 2010

He Hears and He Answers

A couple of days before Christmas I got a phone call from Christina. A couple of days after Christmas I got to see her and my granddaughter, Amara. They are now staying with us again and my sorrow has been turned to joy! The Lord is good, he knows just when the cookies are done to perfection!

That's an analogy that my friend Sam gave me when I asked him for counsel and my only question was, "How Long?!"

He asked me, "when do you take the cookies out of the oven?" Duh! when the timer goes off...when they are done!

That's when God will take the cookies out of the oven. He knows what He is doing. I can interfere and try to enforce my will on the cookies. But that could mean underdone cookies or burnt cookies. That is not what I want. So I sit back, pray and wait for Him to tell me when the cookies are done.

I'm so glad I did that. God's a better baker than me.

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